We’re all about sustainablity, innovation, and design solutions that help our customers get the most out of their space.

Find out more about our team, our philosophy, and our process.

Our Team

Our dedicated team is committed to using their experience and expertise to meet all of our customers’ expectations.

Our Philosophy

At the core of every Smallworks home lies our design philosophy. It guides every step of our process, creating livable, flexible spaces adapted to your unique needs and lifestyle.
  • Activate the Lane


We strive to contribute to a “laneway culture” by fostering a sense of place and character within the lane; encouraging outward living by bringing the lane community to life by providing eyes on the lane and plantings at your door, while reserving a private place at the transition point into your lane home, building a sense of security and community along the lane.

  • Create Layers of Privacy

It is very important to allow a gradual sense of arrival while making the transition from a public to private space. Our designs create that sense of security as you cross into your private domain from the City lane or approach your Smallworks lane home from the garden.

  • Shape the Light

    Using our natural light source—the sun—we optimize window location, creating a dynamic play of light throughout the day and providing plenty of light for low energy use during the daylight hours.

  • Be Flexible and Adapt

    Our incredibly diverse demographic requires flexible, adaptable plans designed to meet the needs of a variety of unique individuals. Our plans allow you to encapsulate in your lane home what is most important to you. Your home becomes an opportunity for expression, meeting your current living needs while keeping in mind that those needs may change over time.

  • Salute the Arts

    Creating pride in homeownership and in our community is important to us. We believe in shining a “spotlight” on the artisans and crafts people who help create our homes. Each unique lane home is a showcase for those artisans, as well as an authentic expression of
the owner.

Our Process

From conception to completion we handle all of the details, 
big and small.
  • Survey and Floorplan Design

    On-site consultation, site survey, align on objectives, floor plan design 5 months

  • City Approval & Interior Design

    Application of municipal permits, interior design completed, ensuring every detail of the home has been planned. A "spec" is generated for the project, which we use to price to project in the next stage. 5-6 months

  • Budget Preparation

    Project is sent out for pricing from various suppliers and key sub-trades. 5 Weeks

  • Budget Meeting and Break Ground

    Meeting with our client to present a detailed, fixed price budget. Construction of home commences upon client approval.

  • Construction of the Laneway Home

    This process includes everything from break ground, framing and lock up, all the way to the paint and appliances. Once the home is passed for final occupancy from the city, the warranty* commences, and you get to start moving in. 26 Weeks

  • Total

    20 Months

*Warranty: 2 years on labour and materials, 5 years on building envelope, 10 years on structure.