We build beautiful small homes

Over 400 laneway homes and 16 years, we have mastered elegant simple small-scale design.

Our Philosophy

Whether you’re looking to downsize in the lane, put down roots in your parents’ backyard, or generate rental income, our homes are built with a simple philosophy; creating beautiful, functional, and intuitive spaces.

Over the last 16 years, we have honed small scale design. Custom storage solutions, space-saving floorplans, and artful window placement are just a few of our signature elements that make a Smallworks house a home. But all of those elements are just results of our care and expertise. The real magic trick? Homes that look small on the outside and feel big on the inside.

What our clients have to say

The Uplift studio was built as Janet’s backyard Feldenkrais studio. It also houses guests and their two daughters when they visit home.

Lane House Styles

Modern Homes

Laneway houses we’ve built with an emphasis on sleek, minimal design.

Traditional Homes

Traditional style laneway houses, if done well, can look and feel as though they’ve always been a part of the neighborhood.

The Small Home

Smallworks’ first set floor plan home, the Small Home represents the culmination of everything we’ve learned over the years about small-scale design.

How it works

20 months from first consultation, to completed construction

  • Preconstruction

    On-site consultation, site survey, align on objectives, floor plan design. 5 Months

  • Permits and ID

    Application of municipal permits, interior design completed, pricing and budget prepared. 6 Months

  • Budget Meeting

    Finalize costing and achieve consensus on the final budget. Think of this meeting as the checkout. We can still decide whats included and whats not. 2 Weeks

  • Construction

    Construction of home commences. 8 Months

  • Completed Home

    Finishing touches are completed, quality is ensured, and warranty kicks in. Total 20 Months

Materials & Finishes

Our core vision for interior design is an honest approach to materiality. We deliver authentic homes, built to a marvelous degree of quality.


We work with you to make a home that honours the character of the principal dwelling and the neighbourhood – either by blending in or standing out.


We place emphasis on functionality, which is why all of our appliances have been hand selected based off of valuable client feedback.


The lighting of a home is important in the world safety and security, efficiency for tasks in the kitchen or office, and intimacy in social gatherings. With our variety of lighting options, a small space can transform to meet any activity.


Millwork is the soul of your home, which is why we make capturing your lifestyle a priority through a variety of standard and custom options.

Millwork & Detailing

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