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Laneway Home Design and Build

As Vancouver’s pioneer in laneway housing, Smallworks can help you find a sense of place in the lane. We handle all of the details, big and small, to create a liveable, flexible space adapted to your unique needs and lifestyle.

Getting started is easy

Simply book a meeting and we will prepare a free assessment of your size, cost, and timeline.

Materials & Finishes

Our core vision for interior design is an honest approach to materiality (if it looks like wood, its wood), simplicity and an understated elegance.


We work with you to make a home that honours the character of your family and the neighbourhood – either by blending in or standing out.


It’s all in the details

Our aim is to elevate the concept of modern living with intuitive design and premium finishes that seamlessly blend form and function. Each element of our homes is thoughtfully curated, reflecting the unparalleled craftsmanship and keen eye for detail synonymous with our vision of young families thriving in a small footprint.

We place emphasis on functionality, which is why all of our appliances have been hand selected based off of valuable client feedback.


Luis Barragán once said – “In the creation of architectural space, what is essential is the play of shadow and light.” (We also have a broad selection of options for lighting the home through more modern means)


Millwork is the soul of your home, which is why we make capturing your lifestyle a priority through a variety of standard and custom options.

Millwork & Detailing

How it works

20 months from first consultation, to completed construction

  • Preconstruction

    On-site consultation, site survey, align on objectives, floor plan design. 5 Months

  • Permits and ID

    Application of municipal permits, interior design completed, pricing and budget prepared. 6 Months

  • Budget Meeting

    Finalize costing and achieve consensus on the final budget. Think of this meeting as the checkout. We can still decide whats included and whats not. 2 Weeks

  • Construction

    Construction of home commences. 8 Months

  • Completed Home

    Finishing touches are completed, quality is ensured, and warranty kicks in. Total 20 Months

Stress-free, streamlined process

We handle all of the details big and small, creating livable flexible spaces adapted to your unique needs and lifestyle.

Flexible pricing starting at $389,000

We work with you to provide a detailed, fixed price plan so you don’t have to worry about surprise costs.

“We just completed our lane house project with Smallworks and we couldn’t be more pleased with the final outcome. Along every step of the way we felt valued and respected. We were very involved in our project, from design to completion, and during each phase of the project we felt that we were all working together as a team towards our common goal of building our dream small home.”

– Graham, Homeowner

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Next Steps

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