Building the Future: A Smallworks Approach to Innovative Construction Solutions

To provide more housing options and improve affordability up to six units will be allowed on a single-family lot across British Columbia, come June 30th; but, traditional construction practices will continue to struggle to keep pace with this new demand. 

That’s where Smallworks comes in.

For the last 17 years, we have been creating gentle density one backyard at a time and we know firsthand that legislative changes are only the first step in generating adequate housing supply.  

With funding from the CMHC, Smallworks has been working on developing off-site construction innovations that, when paired with traditional on-site construction, can significantly improve the efficiency of developing infill housing in our growing cities. Our approach aims to build homes faster, more affordably, and sustainably, addressing the housing crisis with efficient, high-quality solutions. 

Our approach to expediting infill development combines three systems that, together, drastically decrease construction timelines and labour requirements. 

Bathroom Pods

At the core of our system is a fully fitted and plumbed, high-quality bathroom pod that includes a mechanical room and a common wet wall for the kitchen. This component is precision-built by our manufacturing partner Roc Modular, shipped to the site, and installed within hours.

Closed Wall Panels

In partnership with BC Passive House, a closed wall panel system is assembled off-site and arrives ready insulated, with a choice of siding, as well as a service layer and inner drywall layer for greater precision and energy efficiency, lower labour costs, and reduced waste. 

Helical Pile Foundation System

For suitable sites, a Helical Pile Foundation System eliminates the need for concrete and significantly reduces carbon emissions. This method also negates the requirement for deep foundations, offering a more sustainable solution.

A Collaborative Effort for a Greener Future

Our approach is not only about building faster and more efficiently but also about fostering collaboration within the industry. As part of the implementation stage, we will share our model with other developers involved in infill housing, commercial, and multi-family building projects. This collective effort aims to construct greener infill housing more rapidly, contributing to a sustainable future.

Learn More

To learn more about our innovative construction techniques, watch our latest video, where we delve deeper into our methods. 

We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to making a positive impact on housing affordability and sustainability in British Columbia.