Burnaby Laneway Homes – Get Started Today

It’s true – laneway homes have finally arrived in Burnaby! And Smallworks is excited to bring our 16 years of experience designing and building laneway homes to your city.

We’ve compiled a list of burning questions to get you prepared for the introduction of this new form of housing.

Are laneway homes allowed in Burnaby?

The City of Burnaby has been in the process of introducing laneway homes as a new form of housing since 2019, when they first showed up in the Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing. After several years of developing proposals and requesting input from citizens, the City is now accepting applications.

Am I eligible to build a laneway house in Burnaby?

First and foremost, your property must have a single-family home and access to the rear yard (from the back or side) through a lane or residential street. After that, there are a few other spatial considerations that depend on where your main house is placed on your lot. Fill out the contact form below and we will provide a free assessment of your property’s eligibility.

How big can a laneway house in Burnaby be? 

The maximum size of your laneway home is dictated by the size of your lot. As a general rule, the laneway home may be up to 20% of your lot area, and no larger than 1,507 sq. ft. Laneway homes can be as many as two stories and must facilitate one parking space. 

Can I sell my laneway house? 

At this time, laneway homes function the same as secondary suites and remain under the same title as the main dwelling. Laneway homes, however, can be rented out as long-term rental units.

Can I view a Smallworks laneway home? 

We routinely host open houses at our completed homes! Join our mailing list to receive invitations to upcoming open houses and other Smallworks events.

Curious? We’d love to tell you more.

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