Housing is Changing, and So Are We.

As the housing landscape evolves, we’ve been enthusiastic about continually adapting to stay at the forefront of laneway housing and infill development. Our unwavering commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for homeowners seeking to optimize and enhance their properties has driven our success thus far.

In light of British Columbia’s proposed policy changes allowing the conversion of single-family lots into multi-plexes and strata titled infill homes, we are proud to introduce our new development services division. This expansion enables us to deliver a comprehensive suite of development services, making the journey towards exceptional small development projects seamless for homeowners.

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    Our new development services division offers an end-to-end client experience that includes:

    1. Design:  Bespoke designs that cater to individual needs and preferences while maximizing the potential of each lot. Every square foot is meticulously considered to achieve efficiency and architectural harmony.
    2. Development: Our team takes care of all municipal approvals to ensure our clients vision becomes a reality. And given our experience in infill development and our established relationships with cities, we get permits faster saving our clients time and money.
    3. Construction: Building on decades of experience in infill design and development, we construct high-quality homes that meet current building codes and regulations. Our team of experienced builders and tradespersons are committed to executing each project precisely, ensuring timely completion and adherence to budgetary constraints.
    4. Financing:  We understand the specific financial challenges of small-scale development projects. We assist and guide clients through the financing process and have preferred lender relationships to secure the necessary funding to bring their vision to life.
    5. Sale of Completed Homes: Our team supports the sales and marketing of newly created homes upon completion. We collaborate with our clients to devise a sales and marketing strategy that maximizes return on investment.

    Get more out of your lot.

    An Infill development offers numerous benefits, including:

    1. Increased Property Value: Transforming a lot into a multi-plex or strata-titled infill home can significantly elevate the property’s value.
    2. Enhanced Liveability: Downsizing, multigenerational living and evolving household dynamics don’t mean you have to sell your home and move. An infill development can ensure you get the home you need in the neighbourhood you love.
    3. Supplementary Income: Renting out the newly constructed units generates a steady flow of passive income for property owners.
    4. Sustainability: Small development inherently demands fewer resources and energy, rendering them an eco-conscious choice.
    5. Community Enrichment: Small developments contribute to diverse and dynamic neighbourhoods, fostering community and interconnectedness among residents.

    At Smallworks, we recognize that housing is changing, and we are committed to adapting alongside it. Our new development services division enables us to provide an end-to-end client experience that embodies the highest standards of design excellence to get the most out of your single-family lot.

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