Love in the Lane: Our Top 3 Reasons to Fall for Laneway Homes

We may be a touch biased, but we believe there are so many things to love about laneway homes. Although our list could go on, we’ve put together our top three reasons why we are enamoured with these small structures.

1. Creativity 

Building a laneway is often an opportunity to design from scratch and perhaps, take a brave leap from your main home’s exterior. 

We love that these compact homes offer a creative outlet to realize some of our client’s dreams. Take, for example, the East Vancouver Chalet. Our clients sought a cabin-in-the-woods aesthetic while remaining nestled in the city.

Since a complete renovation of the property’s main home in the style of Thoreau’s Walden was unlikely, the opportunity to pursue their vision via the lane was the reality.

Laneways aren’t just a way of life, they can be a way of living out some of your wildest dreams too. 

2. Variety

Being that every lot in Vancouver is different, it is no surprise that most laneway homes differ from one another too. We would be remiss if we didn’t celebrate their diversity.

Even amongst ‘standard’ 33 x 122 ft lots, the orientation, shape and style of laneways vary drastically.

Laneway houses can take the form of one storey or one and a half, there can be upper storey balconies, elaborate patios, personal gyms, gear rooms, indoor saunas and the list goes on.

No two are the same and we love it. 

3. Bringing Life to the Lane 

Our last ode to the laneway harmonizes two somewhat opposing elements: back alleys and an inviting space to spend time in.

Lane homes create a more welcoming environment for both passers-by and neighbours. When laneway homes are a’ plenty, it is not uncommon for a spontaneous block party to ensue amongst the community.

Likewise, they often steer pedestrians to take a deliberate detour, avoid the main roads, and see what surprises reside in the city’s underbelly. 

These spaces are slowly transforming into a bustling network of their own. Next time you’re on foot, why not take a turn to see for yourself.