We build beautiful small homes

Functional homes built for real people

How it Works

From conception to completion, we handle all of the details, 
big and small.

  • Preconstruction

    On-site consultation, site survey, align on objectives, floor plan design. 5 Months

  • Permits and ID

    Application of municipal permits, interior design completed, pricing and budget prepared. 6 Months

  • Budget Meeting

    Finalize costing and achieve consensus on the final budget. Think of this meeting as the checkout. We can still decide whats included and whats not. 2 Weeks

  • Construction

    Construction of home commences. 8 Months

  • Completed Home

    Finishing touches are completed, quality is ensured, and warranty kicks in. Total 20 Months

Get Inspired

Our collaborative design process ensures that your home is the perfect fit.



Living Room



Meet the Team

Project Designers

Shanelle Currie | Project Designer
Autumn Riggan | Project Designer
Aleia Enders | Interior Designer


Peter Pelletier | Director of Construction
Brenda Adomi | Accountant
Robin Vornweg | Production Manager

Site Supervisors

Cory Sayers | Site Supervisor
Claudio Ance | Site Supervisor
Orhan Onur Cuhadar | Site Supervisor

Sales and Marketing

Robbie Slade | Director of Sales and Marketing
Cyan Pheko | Sales and Marketing Coordinator

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