Downsize without compromise

Laneway homes tailored to your next chapter.

A new home that’s custom designed and modern will breathe life into your autumn years. However, ensuring this home is truly accessible might even prolong the summer…

Designed to fit your needs

We believe that every space should be designed to be beautiful, functional, and efficient. Our collaborative design process ensures that you’ll thrive in your home for years to come.

Materials & Finishes

Our core vision for interior design is an honest approach to materiality. We deliver authentic homes, built to a marvelous degree of quality.


We work with you to make a home that honours the character of the principal dwelling and the neighbourhood – either by blending in or standing out.


It’s all in the details

Every Smallworks home is unique and custom designed to suit the specific needs of our clients. As the pioneer in Vancouver laneway homes, we can guarantee that every square foot of your laneway home will be beautiful, functional and efficient.

We place emphasis on functionality, which is why all of our appliances have been hand selected based off of valuable client feedback.


Luis Barragán once said – “In the creation of architectural space, what is essential is the play of shadow and light.” The lighting of a home is important in the world safety and security, efficiency for tasks in the kitchen or office, and intimacy in social gatherings. We have fittings and fixtures for all of these activities.


Millwork is the soul of your home, which is why we make capturing your lifestyle a priority through a variety of standard and custom options..

Millwork & Detailing

How it works

20 months from first consultation, to completed construction

  • Preconstruction

    On-site consultation, site survey, align on objectives, floor plan design. 5 Months

  • Permits and ID

    Application of municipal permits, interior design completed, pricing and budget prepared. 6 Months

  • Budget Meeting

    Finalize costing and achieve consensus on the final budget. Think of this meeting as the checkout. We can still decide whats included and whats not. 2 Weeks

  • Construction

    Construction of home commences. 8 Months

  • Completed Home

    Finishing touches are completed, quality is ensured, and warranty kicks in. Total 20 Months

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    Stress-free, streamlined process

    We handle all of the details big and small, creating livable flexible spaces adapted to your unique needs and lifestyle.

    Fixed rate pricing starting at $389,000

    We work with you to provide a detailed, fixed price plan so you don’t have to worry about surprise costs.

    We had a great experience with Smallworks! They custom built our laneway home, and walked us through every step of the process – every team member helped make the process enjoyable and straightforward from design to permitting to building. We love the attention to detail in the design of our new house. Would highly recommend the Smallworks team to anyone looking to build a small space.

    – Alice, Homeowner

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