As this mother-daughter duo dreamed of shared meals and afternoon chats in the backyard, the idea of a laneway home began to take shape. This 684-square-foot, 1.5-level structure is a tribute to family ties and the evolving needs of residents in our city.

A practical solution for the daughter seeking solace from the challenges of today’s housing market, it also stands ready for the mother as she ages. The sense of place and security this home offers is irreplaceable. The home embraces multigenerational living without compromise, thoughtfully designed to cater to both young vitality and the comfort of the elder generation, all while optimizing the shared yard space. 

Aesthetically, A Heritage Homage pays tribute to the stunning renovation conducted on the principal dwelling by Stephanie Robb – in collaboration with the homeowner, in both cases.

A special treatment was used to accelerate the natural oxidization of untreated cedar, imparting the exterior with a weathered look while ensuring long-term protection for the building envelope. Inside, much of the millwork is crafted from reclaimed wood, serving as a nod to heritage and standing in dialogue with the modern design sensibilities.  

With its ability to adapt, kinship to the main house, and optimised shared outdoor space, A Heritage Homage is not just a dwelling, but a testament to family bonds, a symbol of timeless design, and a sanctuary for generations to come.


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