Ann’s North Vancouver

This custom-built farmhouse style home is Smallworks’ first infill house in North Vancouver.
This two story home carries all the hallmarks of a well-designed small home: a preponderance of well-placed windows and doors for light infiltration and privacy, lofted ceilings, an ample living-dining area with a cozy fireplace focus, a beautiful and efficient U-shaped kitchen, a large loft bedroom with plenty of storage and custom cabinetry and trim throughout.
Architectural design by Birmingham and Wood.

  • "I have been living in my home for a year now – in my daughter’s back yard. Absolutely a joy. My grandchildren love having Grandma close. When I began to consider the idea and began my search for a builder/contractor, my decision was a very easy one. Smallworks had been building laneway houses for a couple of years and they knew the process well. I did interview others, but Smallworks was the expert. Whenever you are designing and building a home, there are going to be stumbling blocks, issues with the city, licences etc. Jake, calmly and quickly not only communicated with me, but made the problems go away. And I can only say that Brent became ‘my best friend’. He even brought me pickles. All of the trades were wonderful. They all had the same very high integrity level. Ask Birk if he enjoyed the Thanksgiving dinner served (by me) to him while he was in the cold dark house – working hard even over a holiday weekend. So not only did I get the most wonderful cottage to live in, I now have many new friends. Thank you Smallworks."

    — Ann


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