With its cool colour palette, this classic Vancouver Laneway House is the icing on the cake for this property’s earning potential.

This Vancouver laneway house is offered as a furnished rental.

The home’s 950 square foot interior is a take on the Arbutus floorplan with vaulted ceilings over the kitchen and an open-to-below hallway connecting the upstairs bedroom, full bath, and study.

The laneway house is tasteful finished with a cool colour palette. The kitchen backsplash, countertops, and island feature marvelous stone finishes. These textures and colours are repeated in both baths.

The calming colours in the bedroom and study are an extension of Vancouver’s famous grey but in this classic laneway house are delivered in a charming manner that embodies the fresh aspect of this climate.

Layout Design: Brian Sheehan

Interior Design: Narges Mowlaee

Photos: Jeremy Segal

Staging: Client Supplied


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