Despite this being one of our more challenging projects as of late, this home is an instant Smallworks classic with its modest footprint and warm disposition. It represents what we’re all about at Smallworks, gracefully handling the challenges and constraints of a build to deliver our clients a beautiful small home. 

Situated in Vancouver’s historic and iconic (to builders and homeowners, at least) bog that runs through the eastern half of Mount Pleasant/Riley Park, this project provided the team… opportunities… to rethink some of our standard design and construction practices. 

In typical Smallworks fashion, we relaxed into the many constraints and focused on problem-solving. By integrating a helical pile substructural solution and pouring a slab that ties into the structure, we ensured the foundation’s integrity and durability. This approach allowed us to maintain our signature in-floor radiant heating system, with the slab at grade level eliminating any concerns about unwanted visitors beneath the house.

In the end, we delivered a little house perfectly suited to the client’s needs: family housing for overseas grandparents. Upon completion, the clients were joking about having the grandparents live in the main house with the kids… but the battle for this stunning little home is one problem we can’t solve for our clients.


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