This special little Lane House is a hidden jewel in the Trout Lake Park neighbourhood.

Nestled in a 3-way lane intersection, this home has tasteful and understated finishes, giving it a classy demeanour, but some of the homeowner’s spunk has shone through in the round windows in both the interior and exterior. 2 generous bedrooms, an office and 2 bathrooms outfit this 950 square foot laneway home perfectly for a new family — so much so in fact that one of the members of our construction team is now the tenant!

As you can see from the photos, the lot has a moderate downward slope towards the lane. While this can slightly increase the required budget for site work, the results in these situations are usually favourable, in that the impact of the laneway home’s presence on the existing homeowners is minimized — in this case, each home has a nice view of the city.


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