West Coast Modern

Built by Smallworks, the interior of this West Coast Modern was finished by the clients, Akua and Brendon.
This sleek Vancouver Laneway House — Akua and Brendon’s first home — has a very modern interior while the exterior cedar siding accentuates the west coast design that this home is all about. A 4 ft. crawlspace under the living area is great for storage and in this home accomodates Brendon’s vinyl collection as well as his bike habit!

  • "SMALLWORKS – We picked you because we liked you as people. Yes, we loved your homes, and yes we were impressed by your knowledge of environmental design. But really Brendon and I chose your company because we enjoyed your company. Now as all good business relationships go, we were not without our differences, but on a project so complex and complicated we feel lucky to wrap up our contract not only with a beautiful home but a warm friendship. Kate and Jake – you are superstars, patiently guiding us through this home building process accommodating our novice questions and applauding our early successes. You are changing the landscape of the city. . .or the better. Brent, Brian and John – from building to our bank accounts, you kept this project rolling."

    — Brendon & Akua


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