This eclectic family with a passion for vibrant hues and sustainable living, envisioned a space that marries their zest for life with their commitment to the environment. The result is a home that acts as a sanctuary for generations of family members throughout various stages of life. 

The Post Modern Bungalow is built with a high-efficiency building envelope and prioritises sustainable finishes that align with the family’s commitment to maximizing style while minimizing their ecological footprint. The foundation’s innovative design, featuring cantilevered slab components, allows the house to coexist with the mature garden – preserving family memories while making way for new ones. 

Inside, the house unfolds into two bedrooms and a bathroom, each nook a delightful discovery in this compact yet spacious design. The sunshine-yellow kitchen is the heart of the house. Each cup of coffee brewed, every shared meal, and every lazy Sunday brunch here will be wrapped in its warm glow.

The Post Modern Bungalow is a testament to how homes can respect nature, embrace bold design, and foster family bonds, all under one roof. This is not just a house; but a celebration of life lived together, vibrant and sustainable, for generations to come.


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