At its core, this laneway home was constructed as a rental unit. To many, this would automatically infer a compromise to the quality and design of the home. In this case, however, the quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail parallels the commitment and standards typical of a family home. Our clients sensibly assumed that building to an acceptable level of finish for their own needs in the future would support strong rental income in the present.

This laneway home deftly weaves a narrative of understated elegance and modern practicality within its 684-square-foot layout. The intuitive use of space provides functional comfort without excess. The 1.5 level home features a bedroom, bathroom, and den on the upper floor, while the lower level caters to the communal spaces, delineating distinct private and shared areas.

The home’s traditional exterior massing echoes the historical context of Mount Pleasant. The sleek, contemporary interior profile stands in contrast to this, while offering a subtle harmonisation that’s difficult to put your finger on.

An intriguing facet of this project is that one of our designers has made this house their home – a stronger testament to the liveability and comfort of the design is hard to find.

In its entirety, the Mount Pleasant Modern Rental stands as a perfect archetype of a modest-sized dwelling, where space is not a constraint but a tool to be ingeniously used.

The intricate dance of modern and traditional, minimal and luxurious, private and communal, all come together to create a home that effortlessly meets the demands of contemporary living while respecting the architectural language of its surroundings.

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