Laneway house?  A Decision Journey      

A Poem by D’Anne Davis

In this old house there is nothing I lack        

but I feel it’s time for a shack in the back.

A smaller, smarter space would need         

less work, less care, less coin, indeed.


Though obviously  past its prime  –  like me –

this, century old house, you would agree                

has  lots of space for more  than one.  

But for one or some, work needs be done.                    

Needs muscle and coin, not just a few,                

for upkeep, services, taxes too.


Shack cost went up since first discussed,  

interest rates too, so lots of fuss               

but I want to go on; I’ll try not to fret                       

about the necessary depth of the debt.                  

Frugality I’ve known before;                          

on many  a test, I reached high scores.


“Just sell your house “   of course, I’m told                               

”and buy a condo” with the gold.                               

Can’t follow the friends that took that route;

this house still serves without a doubt                                   

for parties, houseguests,  gatherings, and,

for musicians who play in Jamie’s band.         

I have affection for this place                   

for memories, as well as its aged grace.


And  I love the land, the soil,   mud.   

(perhaps a hint of Midwestern blood) 

with playground, patio, bushes, trees,  

flowers, birds, butterflies, bees.


To buy a house in this dear city          

damned hard right now and that’s a pity.                                  

So one more reason to save the farm                        

and it’s ok to build a barn.   

   contract –   signed     


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